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Try this Stitch: Arrowhead Lace

Arrowhead lace is a beautiful stitch that looks intricate without being too complex or difficult. The four-row pattern repeats across 10 stitches, with one extra cast on for symmetry. A single repeat (11 stitches) makes a great headband, or can be incorporated into a larger piece, like a hat or sweater. Two or three repeats […]

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Spring Gifts for Any Occasion

Spring is upon us, and with it comes several gift-giving occasions. Weddings, graduations, Mothers Day, new babies, holidays, and many others all mean possibilities for creativity and showing your love with something handmade. Knitting and crocheting for spring means lightweight yarns, airy stitches, and lovely colors. You aren’t limited to pastels, of course. Brights and […]

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